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The price is right: the best on-campus beverage deals

Posted on 13 September 2006 by Lindsey Huster

The hikes between classes can be exhausting and cause need for a good thirst-quencher. Rather than getting enough sleep and drinking eight glasses of water daily, most opt for caffeinated beverages to stay awake and sugary drinks to further dehydrate. Although a popular belief at Marquette is that something more expensive must be better, this is not the case with beverages.

Most vending machines have the same prices for drinks. Pepsi vending machines are usually $1.25, and Aquafina products run between $1.50 and $2. Other than the pricey vending machines, one can find a decent deal on a drink without feeling completely ripped off.

The typical hall store is a treasure for the bargain hunters. Although hall stores do not usually open up until 6:30 p.m. during the week, they are convenient stops for underclassmen. Run right past those vending machines, and get the same beverage for a much lower cost: a soda product for $1 and fruit drinks $1.25.

Like residence halls, the AMU houses both vending machines as well as cafeteria services, but prices vary within the building. In addition to the typical Pepsi vending machine, the AMU has machines that sell Aquafina, SoBe and Tropicana products. These prices, however, differ from the prices found only a few feet away! For example, a 20 oz. Tropicana lemonade from the vending machines is $1.50 while it is ten cents more in the Marquette Place. Additionally, a SoBe beverage in the vending machines is a mere $1.50 compared with the preposterous amount of $2.25 found in the cafeteria.

“I can see why they would increase the prices where you buy more than meals,” said Wendy Walker, a sophomore in the College of Communication. “But they should be more sensitive to our college financial means.”

Most students do not realize the differences in prices for beverages around campus.

“I buy juice all the time at the Brew,” said sophomore Clare Arquilla, a sophomore in the College of Health Sciences. “I had no idea there was such a difference in price.”

For the caffeine cravers on campus who refuse to go to the Brew for pricey beverages, take a trip to the basement of Straz Tower building. There one can find a coffee vending machine that houses your basic cup of java for under a dollar. Although the machine is circa 1978, the sweet taste of saved money will be worth it. A typical cup of coffee is 50 cents, and hot chocolate is 65 cents.

The Haggerty Engineering building also has a great deal for soda – or pop – lovers. Located on the first floor, the building’s vending machine has Pepsi products for $1.

But where is the greatest bargain on Marquette’s campus? Aside from the always-free water fountains, head for Club Raynor. Rather than paying the normal $1.25 for a Pepsi product in the Bridge, purchase your preferred beverage at the hot dog stand on the sidewalk. The price is right; a typical canned beverage is only 75 cents.

Although there are slight differences for the price of drinks across campus, it is a variation worth considering.

“Education lasts a lifetime,” said Walker, “but juice only lasts five minutes.”

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