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Beyond Busch Light: Riverwest Stein Amber Lager

Posted on 29 September 2007 by Benjamin Juarez

When tasting beer, as beer connoisseurs such as myself do, there are some words that come to mind that might sound a little bizarre: malty, hoppy, bold, bitter, strong, smooth, tantalizing, etc. These words help to fuse the taste and feelings that beer can give us. Rarely though, do we speak of places that describe what the beer is, what it stands for, whom it was brewed for, and why one would come to enjoy such a concocted masterpiece.

The Beer: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the beer that represents the Riverwest area of Milwaukee: the Riverwest Stein Amber Lager. Please hold the applause, for one needs to understand what type of beer this is. Hopefully after reading this article, you will be able to enjoy this all the more.

The Color: Its color is a beautiful copper-in-the-light (hence “amber” in the name), but it is best to keep it in the dark bottle it comes in, because sunlight can be harmful to beer—though some people prefer to watch the thematic autumn color gradually diminish after every drink.

The Taste: This brew is a Vienna-style lager—that’s Vienna, Austria, NOT Venice, Italy or California—which means that it has an initial bold, yet smooth “carmelly” taste (depending on the brewer). The taste begins to transition into a slight bitterness for good balance—mixing with the initial flavor and its aroma. As with the average all-malt beer there is a roasted taste, something that kicks in around the middle, but can be smelled before the taste. Toward the end, one is left to contemplate what else is in the beer—a few citric hops perhaps? Maybe even a hint of floral hops as the crafters of this lager have cleverly hinted at? Rating: 8

On its own: It’s a stein beer, but it’s in a bottle. It’s rather tasty on its own and can be had during a time of relaxation, or even out with the guys or gals, but it’s not the type of beer that one may want to have all night. It could get boring—at least for those exciting beer connoisseurs out there! Rating: 8

With a burger: A beer with a malty, roasted taste always goes well with a nice, juicy burger at the local pub. Rating: 8.5

With a nice dinner: Having a relaxing beer during a pricey or moderately priced dinner may not be the best idea, in my opinion. This is the type of beer that stays at home or at the pub. Rating: 6.5

With a date: Couples will enjoy this lager as the type of drink to be had during a first date, cracking jokes or even during a philosophical conversation. Rating: 8.5

Final Opinion: Try it at least once, but I know that once won’t be enough to be had of this excellent craft-brew. Is this the new “usual” at the campus bar? If people get their act together, then perhaps so.

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Go Roman, go strong

Posted on 12 September 2007 by Katelyn Ferral

Catholic. Jesuit. Those are often the first two words admissions officers use to describe Marquette University to prospective students.

But Marquette’s religious identity spans beyond theology classes and weekly Mass; a handful of vibrant Catholic student organizations dedicate themselves to nurturing the university’s Catholic, Jesuit identity in their own way. Continue Reading

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