G.I. Joe: Real Belgian hero

Posted on 07 November 2007 by Christopher Langlo

Paramount Pictures is causing an uproar within the online community. The controversy stems from the GI Joe movie that is slated to start production in 2008. Unfortunately the “Real American Hero” is no longer American at all. GI Joe will stand for Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity, and it will be a co-ed group that answers to the UN and is based in Brussels. The enemy of GI Joe will be a “doublecrossing Scottish arms dealer” according to Paramount.

The reason Paramount gave for this change is that it is too hard to market a film about the U.S. military during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Never mind that the original concept of the GI Joe was the American serviceman who fights for freedom, sacrificing his life for others to live a better life. These days though, that freedom is infringed upon by the overly politically correct and overly greedy climate that dominates our current culture. Because the movie would not market as well in other countries, patriotism is sacrificed; pride in one’s country doesn’t hold a candle to the power of the dollar.

Political correctness and anti- Americanism are going too far. Why is it no longer OK for the U.S. military to be portrayed as the heroes they truly are, but it is perfectly fine to make the villain Scottish? Is offending the Scots allowed? GI Joe’s enemy’s origin used to be pretty ambiguous and now the enemy is being labeled as belonging to one specific group. And what about all the real soldiers who were honored by having one of these toys modeled after them? Our world should concentrate less on offending people and more on treating everyone equally; the only way to eliminate hate and prejudice is to eliminate taboos and to judge the individual not the group.

About now you are probably asking yourself this exact question: “What does this really have to do with me?” The answer is that communities like Marquette are the places where change must start. Marquette students need to be part of the solution by not perpetuating the status quo.

Rather than labeling people and groups and worrying about offending people, we need to learn to see individuals for who they are. We also need to stop the anti-American sentiment that is plaguing our country. It is far too often I hear people who claim to hate being American, and that is a terrible thing. There is pressure to be against our own country coming from within. The youth of this nation needs to return to patriotism and feeling good about our country. That means changing popular culture, which will bend to the will of the people, and supporting politicians who care about our American identity and making our government something to be proud of. So there you have it fellow students, this all boils down to changing our attitudes.

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