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Beyond Busch Light: The End of the World

Posted on 15 January 2008 by Benjamin Juarez

I understand that there are many brewery traditions all around the world, but I have a feeling that a certain place is neglected when it comes to fine beers. This place is a land known for its forests, beautiful cities and friendly people. This place – Canada! Oh, Canada, what a nice place for seeking out new tastes and experiences.

The Beer: Called “La Fin du Monde,” or “The End of the World” in French. But why? Could it be that its nine percent alcohol volume can put you under the table in requisite circumstances, i.e. if you have not eaten all day? Or does it consider itself the end for the search of a great wheat beer in the Belgian tradition? No one really knows, but it is fun to play around with the idea as you drink it in the special beer glass it comes with. That is correct, you get a free beer glass upon purchasing this fine drink!

The Color: The color is your standard mix of light orange and yellow; this is typical in a Belgian-style wheat beer. It is a good color once it comes out of the dark brown bottle.

The Taste: The taste is rather unique when compared to other Belgian-style wheat beers. It has a sharp yet sweet bite upon arrival into your mouth. This must be due to the natural wheat taste along with its mix of wild spices. Its triple-fermentation process— something the Unibroue brewery prides itself on—adds a strong finish that stays in the mouth. The taste is elegant yet bold. Rating: 7.5

On its own: It is sold in individual bottles that are 750 ml in content, which gives it a strong presence on the table, with its own glass filled to the brim right next to it. The taste might be too strong for some on its own. Rating: 7.5

With a burger: To bring balance to this beer, there is a need for a side-dish of some sort, but there is always room for a nice burger. In fact, this brew strengthens the taste of a char-grilled burger. Rating: 8

With a nice dinner: The end of the world does not have to come when you order this beer and a dish at Mo’s Cucina. The wheat and wild spices mix allows for a wide range of tastes. This is a renaissance beer! Rating: 8

With a date: Make a nice candlelight dinner at home with your significant other. While you both wait for the chicken to finish baking in the oven sit down on the couch with your beer glasses filled as you ask each other how your days went. You will soon notice things that you had not noticed about them before—do not forget the chicken burning in the oven! Rating: 8.5

Final Opinion: If this beer was a man, it would be named Jack. Why? Because it is a “Jack-of-all-trades.” La Fin du Monde is strong, bold and smooth. Its after-taste lingers, so it might not appeal to everyone, but its body is worth its feel in the mouth, while the taste is not so bad.

Where Available: It is imported at the Milwaukee Public Market.

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