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“State Mottos, Slogans, and Nicknames

Posted on 16 April 2008 by Staff


  1. What is the State Motto of New Hampshire?
  2. Delaware’s nickname is this fitting title.
  3. Though officially known as the “Sunflower State,” Kansas has a commonly known nickname dating back to its entrance into the Union. What is it?
  4. This state is aptly known as the Grand Canyon State.
  5. This state’s slogan declares that it is alright.


6. Florida uses the same motto as the United States as a whole. What is it?

7. “Eureka!” The motto of California translates as what?

8. Two States have mottos or slogans referencing aviation. What are they?

9. Though not a state, Washington DC has an official motto, and it is this.

10. What Missouri nickname refers to the need of its residents to “see it to believe it?”


11. What is the translation of Oregon’s motto “Alis volat propriis?”

12. These two states have their official mottos written in French.

13. Rhode Island has a one word motto, what is it?

14. Montana’s state motto focuses on these two precious metals

15. Stephen Colbert altered viewers to this phrase, the State Motto of South Carolina.


1. Live Free or Die

2. The First State

3. Bleeding Kansas

4. Arizona

5. Oklahoma. (Oklahoma is OK!)

6. In God We Trust

7. I have found it.

8. Ohio and North Carolina

9. “Taxation Without Representation”

10. Show Me State

11. “She flies with her own wings”

12. Louisiana and Minnesota

13. Hope

14. Gold and Silver

15. Dum Spiro Spero (While I breathe I hope)

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