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A working president, a broken MUSG

Posted on 16 April 2008 by Joseph Schuster

President Ray Redlingshafer is working to make his campaign promises a reality. He has been agreeing to meet with newspaper writers and bloggers, opening up a line of communication to the Marquette student body that a few weeks ago was nonexistent.

More impressive though is what Ray has done as President, only being on the job for two weeks. Ray has been working hard to make the student opinion heard as the University looks for a new Vice President of Student Affairs. “I’ve been the student voice,” Ray said.

Furthermore, he is looking to make sure that Marquette University is safe. As someone who has Chief Rickard’s (head of the Department of Public Safety) personal number in his phone, he takes campus safety very seriously. Ray said that since he took office, “I’ve talked personally with Chief Rickard three times.” Campus safety has been a huge concern among students lately because of the number of incidents that have recently been reported to Marquette. It is amazing that the MUSG President is addressing issues relevant to students. Ray been critical of Public Safety, but rather than doing all the talking, Ray has been working to “listen to Public Safety.”

A convoluted issue that was raised during the election was the Student Organization Allocation process, and Redlingshafer, along with Executive Vice President Kathleen Blaney, have had a meeting that all club sports presidents were invited to attend, so they could clear up any questions about the SOA process. Even though currently MUSG only returns about 1/3 of the student activity fee to the students through the SOA process, it is wonderful that Ray and Kathleen are helping clubs get through the red tape that is the bureaucracy of MUSG.

Ray admitted that what he has had difficulty with thus far in his term as president is getting computers in the Union. The reason that Ray gave is that Senate support is needed in order to buy computers for the Union and is having a difficult time with the Senate getting this accomplished, partly because there has been a lack of a Legislative Vice President. Ray did say that he was not blaming the Senate that the computers have not been set up. However, it seems that in fact it is the Senate’s fault; it has been determined that this group does not make anything happen around the Marquette campus. In fact, as can be deduced from this lack of action, the Senate is a drag on MUSG, and a group that needs to be dealt with more than any other group. (Senate meetings are open to the public, every Thursday at 7:30pm in the AMU. Just ask the Informaiton Desk in the AMU for the location.)

The other project Ray hopes to see completed this semester is a gender resource center on campus. Ray said that the idea is to have a “central location on campus…to have a comfort zone, to speak about problems.” These problems would be primarily relationship problems. The idea to have such a center certainly fits with Marquette’s vision of caring for the whole person. Again, though, Ray said that he is waiting on the Senate for this project to happen.

Ray also sat on a committee recently to appoint a new Communications Vice President. This person, replacing Jillian Mertz, is Catherine Leukam. Ray hopes to see her reach the students that MUSG is “typically unable to reach…take the next step to reach the student body population.” This is certainly a tough job, but it fulfills one of Ray’s campaign promises. Leukam will start her new position sometime between April 15 and May 1. Hopefully she can live up to both Ray’s expectations and what the students deserve from her; hopefully she is not just another name filling a position.

President Redlingshafer seems to be taking his new role extremely seriously and seems to be making tremendous progress with MUSG. Hopefully the rest of the organization does not hinder his progress.

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