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Should there be a student on the board of trustees? Fact box

Posted on 16 April 2008 by Staff

  • The current Board of Trustees consists of 32 members. Some, like Glenn Rivers are alumni. Others are Jesuits, some are faculty, and still more are people unassociated with Marquette but have been asked to help run it based on their past business experience.
  • Some colleges, such as the University of Massachusetts, have one or more students as full fledged members of the Board of Trustees.
  • One of former MUSG President’s Brock Banks’s planks for running was getting a student on the Board of Trustees. Although resolutions for a full member and a non-voting member passed the MUSG Senate, they were subsequently denied by the Board of Trustees.
  • The Trustees’ most visable decision was the decision to change the Marquette mascot to the “Gold,” prompting massive protests and anger among students and alumni, who overwhelmingly favored a return to the Warrior mascot.

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