Reasonably priced delights at Café Lulu

Posted on 10 September 2008 by Nicole Schneider

The Bay View neighborhood has much to offer; from the South Shore Beach to the Farmers Market, there always seems like a place to go or a sight to see. One place in particular is Café Lulu. At the intersection of KK, Lincoln and Howell sits the café that’s been open for roughly seven and a half years. Once you walk into the cute café, you are instantly embraced with the homey-old time, yet modern feel.

As you look over the menu, so many unique options pop out. Starting with drinks, there is quite the variety ranging from coffee to soda, and teas, like peppermint, to Stewart’s Ginger Beer. My personal favorite would have to be the spiced chai, which comes hot or cold for whatever mood you’re in. As for the food, you could start like you would at most restaurants: with an appetizer. Lulu’s serves several types of pizzas, like the Greek pizza with feta cheese, tomatoes, olives and spiced with oregano or the Arribiata pizza garnished with fresh herbs, hot pepper flakes, cappicolla ham and Fontina cheese. If you prefer something lighter, try their home-made “spreads” with bread, such as hummus, Spanish White Bean or Olive Tadenade.
Next on the menu you will see the salads. Coined with the café’s name, the Lulu Waldorf Chicken Salad contains grilled and seasoned chicken breast, sliced on fresh spring greens with flame grapes, green apples and celery, then topped with their home-made honey-buttermilk dressing, and finally topped with walnuts and Gorgonzola cheese.

After that is the sandwich section, split four ways: burgers, pitas, melts and baguettes and buns. A Mediterranean and Middle Eastern theme appears throughout some of these course choices, with dishes like the Moroccan Chicken and Mediterranean Steak Pita. The Mooney Tuna takes a different road than these themes, but that might be expected from Lulu’s slightly random and unique food choices. The Mooney is Cajun seasoned tuna grilled to perfection and placed upon a delicately toasted bun with lettuce and tomato and served with a side of their bleu cheese sauce. These dishes also come with Lulu’s home-made chips, “Asian slaw” or even both if you so desire.

Don’t forget to find out about the daily specials, though. These include sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts. If you miss Grandma’s pie, indulge in a piece while you are here, or just settle for a cookie if you are too full from your meal.

Café Lulu has a friendly, inviting atmosphere, whether you have been going there every day for years or it is your first time there. It is very reasonably priced, generally $10 or less for a dish. So put your UPASS to good use, hop the 15 or the 11 going south (yes, you have options!) From downtown, through historic Walker’s Point to Bay View. After all, Café Lulu did not win “Best South Side Dining” in 2003 for nothing. And for those of you old enough to drink, Café Lulu also serves cocktails! Check out for information.

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