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A Regional Transit Authority resurgence

Posted on 09 October 2008 by Joseph Schuster

The Regional Transit Authority of Southeastern Wisconsin is not a particularly new concept. It was started in 2005 by the Wisconsin State Legislature and Governor Doyle. Since that time, the task of the RTA has been to find funding for a commuter rail and/or public transportation for the counties involved with the RTA. Currently those counties include Milwaukee, Kenosha, and Racine.

The RTA wants to include Waukesha County to try to move things forward. The reason they are looking to Waukesha County could be seemingly obvious, as there are a lot of people in Waukesha County, and a lot of money in Waukesha County that the coalition wants. It would be unfortunate for the citizens of Waukesha County if they do become involved with the RTA because it would create a funnel for their Waukesha County tax dollars to go to public transportation.

The problem is that if the RTA is able to build the commuter rail between Milwaukee and Kenosha, it will instantly become a sink hole for money. The fares will not pay for it, and it will have to be supplemented by the tax payers of the counties involved.

The way it stands now, Marquette students are already supplementing Milwaukee County Transit Systems, to the tune of $41 a semester which is expected to rise next year. The claim is that the proposed increase is because of higher gas prices.

Marquette students already have enough on their tuition bills, with the increasing tuition prices, the increasing student activity fee, and health services, among other things. The last thing that Marquette students need is to have to worry about a costly commuter train being built that would cost the tax payers of Milwaukee County, and Marquette students more money.

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