Three moods, three beers: A beer to add hop to whatever mood you’re in

Posted on 09 October 2008 by Zachary Davis

Every day presents a different opportunity to try new things. Mostly, I spend quite a bit of my days thinking about types of beer. The best part about beer is that there are so many to try, and with so many beers I thought I would share a few of my favorites with all of you. Here’s the twist though–I am going to try and match my favorite beers with the mood they most suit. One mood I am not going to try and match a beer with is anger because usually beer plus anger equals a hole in the wall

My all time favorite beer is Samuel Adams Black Lager. It is a truly full-bodied beer with strong, smoky and molasses flavors. It also finishes in your mouth with just a tinge of coffee and caramel if you are paying attention. This beer suits any person who is beaten down and exhausted. Its strong flavors will take your mind off of all the stresses of a high impact inner tube water polo game any day of the week.

I usually try to avoid giddy people whenever possible, but as giddy people do drink as well, I figure they need a beer to bring them down a notch. Since this person will likely be bouncing off the walls and giggling, I think they need something that will anchor them to the floor. New Belgium Brewery’s 1554 has enough flavor and body to put a giddy person in a chair in 10 seconds flat. 1554 has a very strong coffee and molasses taste. Although it is a beer that is sometimes hard to find in stores, this is a fantastic beer and is well worth how much effort you will have to go through to track it down.

Since both the previous beers were dark full bodied beers with complex, rich tastes, I thought confused people should get their beer next. Confused people need something straight-forward and simple. Something easy to order with a refreshing taste should get their minds back on track. I think a Miller Brewery staple and one of my favorite domestics is just the thing. Miller Genuine Draft should help those poor souls who find themselves in Philosophy class (and it will help the time go by faster too).

I recognize I only touched on three moods but honestly this article is about beer and not feelings. Beer can make you go crazy or it can sweep away all your anxieties, and that is really what it is all about.

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