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Conservative Christians and stem cells

Posted on 06 November 2008 by Robert Christensen

For years many conservative Christians have been criticized for being against “stem cell research.” This statement is completely false and makes the members of this group out to be irrationally afraid of new technology and innovation. The true position of the religious right’s view on this subject needs to clarified; they are opposed to the use of embryonic stem cell research but are in favor of the use of adult stem cells.

A stem cell is capable of becoming many different types of cells in the body such as a skin cell, a muscle cell or nerve cell. And it could possibly be used to replace or heal damaged tissues or cells in the human body which potentially could save the lives of millions of people all over the world. There are two different types of stem cells: embryonic and adult.

Embryonic stem cells are taken from a developing embryo thereby destroying a developing human life. Adult stem cells are found in all tissues of the growing human being and, according to latest reports, also have the potential to transform themselves into practically all other cell types, or revert to being stem cells with greater reproductive capacity. According to, adult stem cells have produced 72 cures and treatments while embryonic stem cell research has produced zero.

The use of embryonic stem cells results in the killing of either a human life or certainly a potential human life, thus conservative Christians are strongly opposed to their use. That does not mean members of this community are against looking for methods to cure illnesses and save peoples lives. Instead they are in favor of using a proven alternative to embryonic stem cells which has been found to be far more effective.

Unfortunately the media chooses to focus on embryonic stem cell research while avoiding informing the public that adult stem cells have been far more successful in providing cures for serious illnesses without harming human life in the process. It is simply morally unacceptable to destroy life in order to preserve life when clear alternatives are available. Adult stem cells are this clear alternative.

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