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Need help? I’ve got answers!

Posted on 12 February 2009 by Victoria Caswell

As the arts and entertainment editor my inbox is usually full of emails asking for my sage advice about exciting things to do on the weekends or new places to eat. I also get a lot of spam. Over the weekend I came across a few emails that asked for some more specific advice, which then spawned my idea to have an advice column. So there you have it, guys.

Dear Victoria,
What is an appropriate gift to give to your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? We have been dating about two months, and I don’t know if he is planning on giving me anything, so I am not sure what to get him, or if I should get him anything at all. What should I do? Also, should I make the first move in planning a date, or should I wait for him to ask me if I want to do anything? Please help me, you are my last hope.
-Needs a Cupid

Dear Needs a Cupid,
This is really a tricky situation without knowing all of the facts. First of all, I can hardly believe that I am your last hope. Although it isn’t the ‘50s anymore, I think you can make the first move and ask if you have plans together. Even if you have been the one making the first move for every single date. I can honestly say that I have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day, but it should be a given if you are in a relationship that there is an understanding or at least an acknowledgment of the day. As far as gifts go, I’m always a sucker for homemade gifts or cards, but I don’t think anything is necessary. Most importantly, I don’t think that you should have to sit around and wait for him to call you. But if he doesn’t, don’t mope, get out and do something fun without him!

Dear Victoria,
I’m in need of fun date ideas. I think I’m stuck in a rut. All I’ve been doing lately is sitting around and watching “America’s Next Top Model” Marathons on Sunday afternoons and drinking chai tea lattes on Friday nights. I need to do something before my girlfriend gets fed up and leaves.

Dear Help,
Although there are not tons of things that you can do, there are literally dozens of better things that you could be doing instead of sitting by yourself. If money is the issue, then join the club. Marquette has movies on weekends for $2 if you have a MUID or $3 if you don’t. Also, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra has special student discounts. If none of those ideas appeal to you, don’t fret. As it starts to get warmer, there are many more outdoor activities that you can take part in. You could walk to the lake, rent a paddleboat or even take up cycling. If you have left over bread, you could even just feed the geese that will soon be returning from their winter vacations. I hope I helped a little, so enjoy the warmer weather that I heard was on its way, pack a picnic and be thankful that all hope is not lost yet.

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  1. BFN Says:

    Dear Victoria,

    I love you.


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