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MUSG has saving graces: how I was wrong (and right)

Posted on 26 April 2009 by Joseph Schuster

Ray Redlingshafer and his administration in Marquette University’s Student Government did not achieve anything great this past year.  There is not much debate about that. Take a look around, is anything different? Are there computers in the AMU? No.  Is the project to get a median on Wells Street completed? No.

As such, it used to seem to me that MUSG was fairly unnecessary on campus. MUSG cannot do large projects, such as increase the amount of bandwidth that the University has. For large projects, such as this one, it is up to administrators to use their best judgment and make changes.  In my time as an MUSG senator, I did discover that MUSG does many things (even if they are small), and I was incorrect for condemning all of their practices.

When it comes to allocating the Student Activity Fee, we have clearly seen that MUSG is incompetent at doing that.  We know that MUSG is not good at communicating with the people that it claims to represent. This became more apparent when former President Redlingshafer, (in connection with the Communications Department,) tried to prevent Senators (who they have no realistic or constitutional control over) from speaking to the press. Luckily President Thomas (while wearing a baseball cap to the first Senate meeting) repealed this policy, and encouraged people to communicate.

There are some things that MUSG does that are very positive to the Marquette community.  One of the greatest assets of MUSG is the Programs Department.  The programs that are put on have a great impact on  Marquette students.  They offer opportunities for students to use the activity fee money they paid into MUSG. ?????? ??????? ?????????

The other option for the activity fee money is to go through the Student Allocations process, which many times ends in sending few students on exotic adventures around the country or world. The new Programs Vice President, Erin Shawgo, has promised to have more activities that will be in Milwaukee, and easily accessible to all Marquette students. If we are going to have a Student Activity Fee, which seems unavoidable, it might as well be used in a manner that many students can use. This takes place mainly through the Programs board. ????? ???? ???????????

There are also many senators that do strive to respond to the needs of the people at Marquette that they represent, and they do work to meet those needs.  Some of the best senators in MUSG do not make their work known all the time in the form of legislation, but there are people that go and meet with administrators to get things done.

These people within MUSG work with administrators, rather than thinking that MUSG needs to work against administrators. The communication by these senators is crucial, and  senators do it out of their sense of duty for the peopletheir constituents. To these few senators, I commend you.

Granted, there are still those senators who do things to simply get their name on legislation. Senators Billy Doerrer and Joey Ciccone were recently able to childishly pass an amendment with the intention of eliminating certain students’ right to run for MUSG in their last year at Marquette.

While MUSG and the Senate still like to do foolish unnecessary things, there are good things that are being done at a lower volume, and it is because of these things that we must forgive many of the idiotic things that some people do within MUSG.

Finally, with all the negative attention that the communication’s department gets, much of it rightfully so, they have done some good in this past year.  Have they been updating the website on a continual basis? No. They have, however, entered the 21st century and began to Twitter. The Twitter updates from the communications department have been timely and very informative.  For that, former Communications Vice President Katy Klinnert, we as a student body should thank you, as we can now stay more informed. ????? ???? ????? ?a?????

There are many things MUSG does that are entirely unnecessary and a waste of time. And let us not forget the large amounts of money MUSG loves to waste. The Student Government at Marquette does, however, in many ways provide services to the students that are represented. These are sometimes seen through programs, and sometimes they are not seen, when it is behind the scenes work with administrators.  We can only hope that after the summer months MUSG works towards more of the positive things, and leaves behind much of the childish egocentric behavior.

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