Turns of Our Lives

Posted on 18 November 2009 by Andrew Sinclair

Every day is the start of something new. Each time we wake there is a chance to make a change and just turn our life in a different direction. When it comes time to turn, we can see that some routes are easier than others, some are straight, some zig-and-zag, and others are the roads less traveled. As we constantly move in life, the question remains: are you willing to take a chance?

It is not easy to answer that question, and it often makes us pause no matter if we were sprinting or walking along the path at that time. As we weigh the possibilities we have to remember that most of the time taking chances is not something that can just be multiplied out on a sheet of paper. In the game of life every move and turn is real–and everything after affects what happens next. Each turn becomes filled with emotion and anxiousness as we fill our minds with ideas or crazy possibilities. Each turn, of course, is also filled with a little hard work and faith. So why not take a chance? What is there to fear?

Are you afraid of failure or letting others down? Or perhaps are you afraid of being slightly embarrassed? That is perhaps the most intriguing, nerve-wracking and exciting part of the risks we take–the chance of choosing wrongly. That is why risk is part rational and part irrational. Or perhaps why it is confusing making our choices hard to make–especially confusing when our lives can seem to resemble answer ‘D’ on a test: “none of the above.” As we grow up we have to understand that taking chances is the hardest part, and that is why it is perfectly okay to be afraid. We need to be humbled by things, even if that means being humbled by the fear of failure. Nobody wants to fail, which makes trying that much harder; it makes maintaining the status quo that much easier. It is comfortable and familiar, but how long can we live and move on an ordinary path when we are all extraordinary people?

Perhaps at this point in your life you are not sure what chances you should be taking. Hey, we all are young and have a long way to go, and we have plenty of time to find out what turns are best for us each day. Remember, making turns does not always mean we have to make a u-turn; maybe your turn is just taking small steps along your path today. Maybe this is the point, along your path, between something new, or the maybe this is the point when something that seems old is about to get better. Maybe this is the point in your life between tears and smiles, and just maybe this is the chance to remember today is a great new day. Taking chances can be anything we do to make our path in life easier, better, more productive or even better for others. So take a chance, be nice to someone today you dislike,
share a passion with someone who needs a friend, take a nap to recover, go for a run and capture what you are missing and just be yourself.

And at end of the day as we lay our heads down to drift asleep, we are going to remember the chances we took, the humbling experience it was to move along our path that day, and all the good things still to come.

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