This weekend, rock out at The Rave

Posted on 28 April 2010 by Amy Wilson

This past weekend was filled with some great music at The Rave near the far west side of campus. On Saturday, April 24, The Providence performed at the venue along with The Audition and Anarbor. On Sunday, April 25, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus headlined at the lower level stage and had five bands to open for them.

The Audition came out last month with a great CD entitled, “Great Danger.” This CD was completely done by the band. They had no producer and wrote all of their own songs except for one that was done with Adam. An industry-savvy friend told me that usually when bands produce a CD on their own, it can go one of two ways: they either fail miserably or they succeed beyond anyone’s expectations. Exceeding beyond all expectations was definitely the result for Great Danger, their latest CD, The Audition, proved themselves even more. There are not any bad songs to this CD. They even mixed up the sound and have a slower one entitled, “Run Away.” Everyone I have spoken to has said that they loved the CD. Since the CD was so great, it was disappointing that The Audition did not headline. However, they are definitely one band worth following.

Anarbor has also released a new album entitled, “The Words You Don’t Swallow.” This CD is really unique because in February they had been featured in Take Action, Volume 9. One of the songs on their current album is entitled “Mr. Big Shot” is reminiscent of the “Over the Rainbow” melody.

Despite music found with Anarbor and The Audition, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus was the band with the story for the weekend. The band was going to cancel their concert because their bus broke down about 100 miles away from The Rave a few hours before the concert. However with this, it meant that they had none of their instruments. Band members ended up having to use the instruments of the band before them. Interestingly, the band, Fit For Rivals were actually childhood friends of the lead vocalist in Red Jumpsuit. They ended up singing a debut that they wrote together when they were 19. Both bands were from Jacksonville, Florida.

The Red Jumpsuit concert was very low-key. It was not promoting a new album and also did not have a playlist. Instead, the bands asked for requests from the audience, which was a unique feature. They even put songs up for a vote. For example, they asked even if they did not have piano if we wanted to hear “Cat and Mouse” still. The band also asked how many people wanted to hear “Believe.” They did guide the requests slightly because there were three songs that they wanted to play towards the end of the night. They ended the night with the same song that they always end their shows with, which ironically, was the first song they ever wrote as a band.

by Amy Wilson
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