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Dress to impress

Posted on 09 October 2011 by WarriorAdmin

Well, Damn. Another year has come and gone, and now I’m a senior. So I guess that my advice bears even more weight, especially to my new Warriors, the class of 2015. This one is for you, so listen up.

What is the number one thing on your mind right now? People. Guys and girls alike are both concerned with meeting new people so they can share the epic nights with good friends. How does that connect with my fashion column? I have advice that will make that easier! Here’s the scoop: Be MEMORABLE. Guys, let’s handle you first.

The number one way to get a cute girl to remember who you are when you awkwardly encounter them in McCormick on Monday afternoon is to be the best dressed guy there. I promise to walk you through the nuances of fashion as the school year continues, but right now I have some hard and fast rules. One: Don’t look like a bum, ditch the sweatpants. Two: Seriously. I will mock you if I see you in sweats. Three: A clean polo and a pair of dark jeans take no maintenance and set you apart from the forty other guys in ragged tees and basketball shorts. Four: Ties, collared shirts and nice pants can be worn WHENEVER you feel like it. Randomly dress up one day; I guarantee at least one person will inquire, and that’s a great opportunity to make new friends. I live by the motto, “Everyday is bow tie optional.” I’m not saying you have to pull out some Vineyard Vines, but pick one day a week where you pull out the stops and you will see results. Five: You can get away with a lot of fashion quirkiness if the item fits properly and is clean. What separates a bum from a hipster? A shower and a sizing rack. And finally, Gentlemen, there’s no such thing as being “overdressed.” Always look as if you’re going somewhere better. Example: I wear button ups everyday. Why? Because I am an adult, and because it makes people mistakenly think I’m important. Men, if you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you do good.

Ladies, I want to make one thing clear. I believe that every single one of you is selling yourself short. I think you should all look stunning at all times. Not because I’m some sort of chauvinist who wants a fashion parade on campus but because I think that looking like a million bucks is a key to making a million bucks. Understand, I am not saying you need to wear something skimpy, ask any girl who knows me. I would rather see my future girlfriend (still single, ladies) in a nice blouse and skinny jeans than in some of the trash I’ve already seen a handful of girls stumble out of Colbeen in. You want a guy to notice you? Look gorgeous, but keep it classy. If you have to keep pulling down your skirt or pulling up your top when you’re out on Wells… Do you really think that the guys you meet will remember your pretty smile, or the words that are coming out of it? Equally important is what you wear to class. That cute upperclassmen you’re crushing on probably owns the oversized crew-neck sweater you yanked on with your leggings. If you walk into class dressed looking like a professional there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get treated like one.

I’ll wrap it up, I know the guys want to get back to COD and the ladies have Glee to watch.

I get it. You’re too busy to dress up all the time, and that’s fine. But realize that you are setting habits for your futures as actual grown-ups with actual jobs. Actual jobs where your boss and coworkers will judge you based on your appearance. Remember that.

One last piece of advice. I get it, college is a new thing and your biggest concern right now is partying, followed not-so-closely by academics. Ask anyone who knows me, I heartily advocate having fun… But then again I also spent some time on academic probation. I leave you with those parting words, until next time. Warriors, keep your swagg on.

by Gus Lopez

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