The Warrior is a student-run news source at Marquette University.

Warrior Goals and Values:

  1. MU-student centric
  2. Hold student government accountable
  3. Expose academic abuse
  4. Encourage meritocracy
  5. Rally for administrative transparency and efficiency
  6. Preserve free market and diversity of ideas
  7. Exercise and promote fiscal responsibility
  8. Cherish Marquette’s Catholic Identity
  9. Project a vision of a great Marquette

With any questions, contact the editor.

Warrior History

Not so long ago, there was only one Marquette-centric news source for the Marquette community. In 2004, it became clear to many undergraduates that another source was needed. That’s where The Warrior comes in. Where other news sources and groups are funded by Marquette and subject to censorship, The Warrior is completely independent of the University’s influence. This allows us to be critical of the University when it ignores its Catholic mission, buckles under the pressure of political correctness or tries to indoctrinate students into the intolerance so prevalent among university intellectuals and administrators.

The story of our name, The Warrior, is a fascinating one. In the early 1990s, the Marquette University administration decided to change the university’s nickname and mascot from Warriors to Golden Eagles. In 2004 the nickname-controversy resurfaced and Marquette considered returning to the Warrior nickname. Pressured by groups like the professors in the English department who deemed the Warrior nickname “offensive” and “racist,” the administration decided the Warrior nickname would not be allowed. Instead, the Board of Regents unilaterally decided to rename the University’s nickname to “The Gold.” Chaos ensued, students protested and marched around campus chanting “No Gold, No Gold.” Within a couple of days, the University got rid of the Gold nickname and decide to allow students, alumni and employees to vote on a new nickname. The Warrior nickname was not included despite polls that indicated it was favored by 80% or more of student and alumni. After the voting, the Golden Eagle nickname was reinstated. To this day, at Marquette basketball games, chants of “Let’s go Warriors” echo in the Bradley center. Hardly anyone refers to Marquette as anything but The Warriors.

Students noted the utter disconnect between the administration and the alumni and students. Students became disaffected with the administration and this sentiment served as the impetus for the formation of our news magazine, The Warrior.

For our first issue, we printed 1000 black and white 12-page copies. Appropriately, we featured a real-life warrior, doing our main story on a Marquette Marine who served in Iraq. An avalanche of publicity and encouraging e-mails flooded the Warrior office and inbox, no one had seen such coverage in other news sources at Marquette. We were featured on numerous news radio programs and on the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel as an alternative news source. As The Warrior’s popularity grew, so did our circulation; for our second issue, we printed 4000 copies. Today we print about 5000 16-page, color issues. It was clear that Marquette students yearned for an alternative news source on campus. By the start of the 2006 school year, our staff doubled, reaching 50 students. As it became clear that The Warrior was a mainstay on Marquette’s campus, we incorporated, forming Warrior Media, Inc. complete with a Board of Directors to insure continued existence.

Our writers have won numerous awards. We’re known for being the first to break many important Marquette news stories. Our writing is hard-hitting, in depth and unabashed. Since we are not sanctioned by the University, we have to hand distribute our issues on public property. As a 501c3 non-profit corporation, we are fully funded by by donations and our own ad revenue.

Feel free to shoot us an e-mail at [email protected] if you’re interested in joining us.

833 N 14th St
Milwaukee, WI 53233


The Warrior is the perfect forum for student organizations and local businesses to advertise! With a circulation of around 4,000 issues every other week, you can be sure that thousands of students will view your advertisement. Further, we hand distribute almost every issue, ensuring maximum readership. With several different advertising options for you to choose from, let The Warrior help you get the word out!

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